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Our Mission is to make sure your roof anchors are certified safe to use and in compliance with OSHA regulations

As a high rise or mid rise building owner or property manager, you have contracts for exterior window cleaning and other exterior building maintenance. Your contractors rely on your building to provide *Certified Safe - OSHA Approved - Roof Top Anchors. Contractors use these anchorages to rappel to locations on exterior building surfaces to provide maintenance services.

As of November 2017, NEW OSHA Regulations require building owners to provide "Proof" their roof top anchors meet the new requirements BEFORE any contractor can have their employees work on your building exteriors via (RDS) Rope Descent Systems.

If you have not had your anchors "Proof Tested" at 5,000LBS force, as OSHA now requires, you are in violation of OSHA Regulations and can be sited and fined. We can help you avoid fines and more importantly, save lives.

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So, let us show you the New OSHA Regulations to help you better understand what You need to do to be in compliance with the law!

Regulation 1910.27(b)(1)(i)

Before any rope descent system is used, the building owner must inform the employer, in writing that the building owner has identified, tested, certified, and maintained each anchorage so it is capable of supporting at least 5,000 pounds (2268 kg), in any direction, for each employee attached. The information must be based on an annual inspection by a qualified person and certification of each anchorage by a qualified person, as necessary, and at least every 10 years.


Regulation 1910.27(b)(1)(ii)


The employer must ensure that no employee uses any anchorage before the employer has obtained written information from the building owner that each anchorage meets the requirements of paragraph (b)(1)(i) of this section. The employer must keep the information for the duration of the job.


Regulation 1910.27(b)(1)(iii)


The requirements in paragraphs (b)(1)(i) and (ii) of this section must be implemented no later than November 20, 2017.


At ACT, Anchor Certification Testing, our mission is to ensure roof anchors are compliant with OSHA regulations.

Here is what we can do for you...

  • 5,000lbs Anchor "Rating and Testing" Certification:

At least every 10 years roof anchors need to be proof tested to be capable of supporting a 5,000 lbs. load. This is where we'll need to start for buildings that cannot provide this documentation. 


To begin the process we will confirm existing engineer schematics for anchor design and placement then will move to physical test to prove the physical 'capability' of the anchors in meeting OSHA's Regulation.  Building Owners are provided with written verification that each anchor has either passed or failed the testing process..

Testing equipment records the stress the anchor is under at 2,500 lbs, (IWCA/ANSI I-14  8.1.3(b) ). In addition, our professional engineers will qualify each anchor is rated to the 5,000lbs standard.  Digital and Hard Copies of the report will be provided. *Buildilng Owners will need to provide this report to contractors before the contractor can utilize these anchors. OSHA Letter of Interpretation dated 1-25-19 resulted in a 2,500 lb. test designation.

  • Annual Anchor Inspections:

Following the initial Testing Certification of anchorages, we will conduct annual inspections to verify each anchor point remains Certified and usable. After this inspection is complete, we will provide an additional report to be combined with the original testing documentation. This inspection is required every year for up to 9 years until your 5,000lbs Anchor "Rating and Testing" Certification is required again.

Our Services
Test result pdf.JPG

The graph shown (Above), shows a certified "PASS Rating" for an anchor tested on July 19th, 2018. This is an example of what you will received after we verify your anchors meet the OSHA regulations. There is one graph per anchor. 

Let's look at the first OSHA requirement again:

Before any rope descent system is used, the building owner must inform the employer, in writing that the building owner has identified, tested, certified, and maintained each anchorage so it is capable of supporting at least 5,000 pounds

Here is what the graphed results prove:

  • Graph proves anchor was Tested

  • GPS coordinates Identifies the anchor

  • Threshold proves the anchor is capable of supporting 5,000lbs

  • The graph shows the anchors Pass rating and is Certified for use



With printed report in hand, the building owner can inform the employer, in writing that the building owner has identified, tested, certified, and maintained each anchorage so it is capable of supporting at least 5,000 pounds

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Stan Chambers - President / Regional Sales


Stan has several years of experience in the construction industry. He has also owned and operated a successful contract management company for over 18 years. He is dedicated to customer service and takes pride in exceeding customers' expectations. He is involved with several community charities and likes to donate his time helping others.

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Steve Chambers - V. P. / Regional Sales


Steve is an Account Manager at ACT. Over his career he has overseen operations and construction of many successful projects. He has been on various boards and participates in programs that help the community.

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Jaime Leon - V. P. / Regional Sales


Jaime opened A.K. Window Cleaners in 2010. The business growth led him to move from residential homes to Large HOA projects and Mid and High-Rise window cleaning accounts. His attention to detail and emphasis on safety finds his company with zero reportable OSHA injuries and a consistently increasing customer base after almost a decade of cleaning windows . Being able to work with A.C.T. and help Companies further their Safety practices and meet with OSHA Regulations is a fantastic opportunity he looks forward to. 

T: (888) 563-4909 | E:


Andy Engstrom - V. P. / Regional Sales


Since 1998, Andy has owned and operated Capital City Windows, a successful window cleaning business in Juneau, Alaska. In 2008 Andy became Alaska's only Safety Certified High Rise Window Cleaner through the IWCA. Before work with A.C.T, Andy Owned Alaska Roof Anchor Certification. Since the new OSHA regulations came out, Andy has safety certified 1,000's of roof anchors. 

T: (888) 563-4909 | E: 

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